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We are all human bodies in a soul –

a concept so simple that it blows the mind as we awaken to what we’ve been missing.

Be in Your Body + Live from Your Soul

When awakening suddenly feels like a nightmare, navigate your way to simply being. human. and live into your soulful self.

Healing Through Connectivity

Moving Forward by Leaning In As I crested mile 11.5 of 14 this morning, I crossed through home base- Harvard Yard- and I knew I was almost home free. Just two miles and some change to go. Then, much like many moments along the prior 11.5 miles, I found pause. The Yard was the most…

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Learn to BE in your body, one post at a time

About Me

Hi there, Kathryn Leann here – a human body in a soul, just like you. When I started waking up I glimpsed the glow of my spirit and thought awakening would mean immediately living blissfully from that place. Then the bottom fell out, and my dreamscape became a leisurely stroll through the dark, grueling depths of humanity. This pattern repeated – each time I began to live into my spirit I shifted to an ungrounding experience that caused destruction. I couldn’t reconcile the two versions of life. Then I realized, it was both.

I awoke to find all these energies living in me – the glow and the grounding.

My healing journey led to a body + soul fusion – a connection to the reality of humanity that allows for expansion to genuine soulful living.

I began to navigate this life as a HumaningSoul, a body consciously aware of the soul I occupy, having a full human experience.

Now, my way of humaning looks something like feeling the pain in my body, riding the emotional waves of being, discovering my soulful connections, writing what I see and feel, healing with a loving touch, acknowledging my human limitations, exploring the planet I roam, connecting to the souls around me, hurting and being hurt, loving and being loved, mindfully utilizing what I find, and giving what I can.

Stick around and share with others ~ we are navigate our collective souls while humaning